Sunday, 2 June 2013

Releasing Saturn Fears from the Heart Centre

Today I’m continuing to look at recurring and old fears that are presenting themselves at this time. We’ll use the mythology of Saturn for insight and a short meditation to help you release fears.

In my previous astrological blogpost I talked about Saturn, Uranus and Pluto as signs of collective changes taking place in our society now, affecting us individually. Many of us are experiencing setbacks, which likely stem from fear. In astrology, Saturn represents our personal fears, challenges and limitations, where we feel blocked by obstacles, sometimes defeated and of course deterred. We might think of courage as the antithesis of fear however I’m suggesting love; love has the power to dissolve fear, through different virtues like bravery.

Using astrological mythology, Saturn is currently in retrograde in the zodiac Sign of Scorpio. This means, from our earthly perspective, it appears to be travelling backwards through the zodiac. This symbolises a revision, a review of issues related to Saturn. We’re being presented with opportunities now to readdress what’s holding us back. You might ask yourself, what is restricting me? Where do I feel suppressed and why? Almost all of the time, it is our own fear that is causing the trouble. Granted, it can often appear to be outside forces interfering with our life, such as other people (family, so-called enemies, authority figures), circumstances (an illness, financial constraints) or maybe we lack the knowledge, skills or insight that would allow us to move ahead. Scorpio, being a Water Sign, is associated with deep emotions and linked to the underworld through its planetary ruler Pluto; this is apt ground for Saturn fears to manifest now.

When I say it can be outside forces ‘appearing’ to hold us back, I mean that these forces are manifestations of inner blockages. They are like mirrors, in the outside world, reflecting our inner issues. If you are restricted by an illness, is it possibly related to a past emotional or psychological wound? Could it symbolise a deeper issue that’s eating away at you? Perhaps you’re held back by another person, a domineering family member, someone in a position of power, a person who antagonises you? Why would said person want to control or limit you? I’m not talking about his or her personal agenda. Look deeper into what this person might represent about your own inner life or indeed how your fears might be fuelling the altercation. Can you gain any insight from trying to understand his/her purpose in imposing limitations on your progress? Could you maybe even attempt to understand the pain or fear that’s driving him/her? Saturn dares you! Even if you are impeded by something material, like a lack of money to fund your plans, this might relate to a fear of success, being closed to the flow of abundance because of unwitting fear about what might happen if you actually accomplish your goal.

In this sense, fear is not necessarily an enemy but a clandestine friend. Fear is always teaching us. Just think of one time you experienced fear and what it actually revealed - you might have to dig a little deeper to unearth the treasure. As a rather crude example, maybe you saw a spider scuttling towards you that made your skin prickle and your stomach jump. It taught you that you’re afraid of spiders, hardly enlightening! But why are you afraid of spiders? Does the spider really want to hurt you and why? What if you weren’t afraid of spiders anymore? As I said, it’s a trivial example but apply this reasoning to a more serious issue in your life and begin the process of discovery.

When we confront, question and explore our fears, instead of hiding, suppressing or simply running away, Saturn rewards our bravery with strength of character, bolstering our inner sense of security and confidence. We’re then able to break down a boundary, overcome an obstacle and make progress on our journey once again.

Meditation for Releasing

This is a brief but useful meditation for helping to dissolve and ultimately release those Saturn fears. Begin by sitting comfortably, standing in a relaxed posture or even lying down. Keep your eyes very lightly closed but not squeezed shut. To help avoid the distraction of mind chatter, keep a gentle focus on your Third Eye, the centre of your forehead, as if you’re looking at this point. This is your anchor. When your mind or imagination takes over, simply bring your attention back to the Third Eye point. You can practice this first before beginning the meditation.

Take a few deep breaths and, with each one, gradually bring your awareness to your heart centre. To do this, just visualise your consciousness sliding down from your head into your chest cavity. Keep your eyes lightly closed and focused on your Third Eye. Breathe deeper and feel your conscious awareness nested in your heart centre. A warming, contented energy should begin to radiate out from your heart centre. Without forcing this sensation, allow it grow and expand as much as possible. When you feel the warmth has expanded beyond your body, you are in your heart centre. You might spontaneously smile. Keep your awareness here and bring to mind the fear or issue you want to release. If it’s an illness or something to do with your physical body, become aware of this area. If it’s a person, visualise him or her; if it’s a set of circumstances you fear, try to conjure something that represents it. With your fear in mind, visualise streams of blue energy coming from the heart centre and direct it towards the body part or fear. See this blue energy looping around it and heading back to your heart centre. Keep this loop flowing for as long as possible whilst visualising your fear dissolving in the energy, accepted and cleansed by the love radiating from your heart centre. You can choose any colour but blue is nice for healing. When you feel ready, simply end the visualisation and come back to your breathing, opening your eyes. You might want to finish with a bow or by bringing your hands to your heart centre in prayer pose, giving gratitude. For deeper fears and issues, you can repeat this meditation often.

Saturn is retrograde until July 8th 2013 and you can continue to experience setbacks and painful recurrences, which attempt to elucidate your fears. A noticeable change in your circumstances will likely occur around this time and between then and October (as Saturn retraces his steps) things should begin to improve. After October 18th it is possible to make real progress again in whatever area of life you felt stifled.