Friday, 30 May 2014

Collapse and Rebirth - Neptune & Chiron in Pisces; Jupiter & the Uranus-Pluto Square

It’s no news to anyone that we’re living in a time of rapid change, revelation and transformation. We only need tune into any of the mediums of news today to see and hear what’s taking place around the planet. Where is it leading? How will it end? Are we heading for catastrophe and Doomsday or is there a new horizon beckoning us to a new Age? Looking to the movement and patterns of stars above, with their rich mythology, can help us to gain a clarity and understanding of what is happening here below... 

The Information Age 

Since the dawn of the so-called Information Age, with the emergence of new communication technologies into mainstream society, it feels like we’ve been on a runaway rollercoaster. So much information is available to so many of us in an instant, opening up our minds, expanding our awareness and contributing to a collective awakening. Yet this explosion of information sharing has resulted in much chaos and is overwhelming many. As individual minds, we can no longer process everything that is occurring, everything we are learning about ourselves and the nature of life and the Universe – the collective mind is being born, a way to share and process more and more information and knowledge. In our physical reality, we can see this manifest symbolically as the Internet and the more recent popularity of social media. 

Dissolving Boundaries, Exposing Fears - Neptune in Pisces 

In 2011, Neptune – the planet of spirituality, of other realms and dimensions, illusions and the higher mind, shifted silently into Pisces, the last Zodiac Sign, which symbolises the collective mind, unity and all that has gone before - the Akashic Records of humanity if you like. 

Neptune dissolves boundaries and deals with illusions. It is the planet of merging and in Pisces this is greatly emphasised, for Pisces is the Sign of unity (thus Neptune co-rules Pisces in astrology and is powerfully placed here). To accommodate the process of our awakening, Neptune is removing the limitations we have set upon ourselves (which were once necessary). Slowly, the walls we have erected are being dismantled, exposing division and hatred in society for what it really is and essentially making everything public. We’re finding it increasingly difficult to hide! To hide our secrets, our hatred and fears, our bigoted beliefs, racism and sectarianism – all are being exposed now. This is part of the Neptune in Pisces plan to show us all, to remind us, of our underlying unity and the truth that we are all part of the whole. 

Social media is one example, in our physical world, of how this is manifesting. All of these sites, to which many now have instant and constant access, are helping us to share and expose so much more – including that which is uncomfortable, difficult and frightening. There are less places to hide and it can feel like everything is on display, even the trivial matters of our daily lives. Of course this is being met with fear, shock, revulsion, rejection, apprehension – people generally do not want their secret desires revealed, their prejudices and fears on the world stage for all to see. Yet in the process of doing so, Neptune shines light on the greater truth that we are not alone in holding these fears – that we are all the same. 

Illusions are being popped with increasing frequency and this will be painful for many. Yet, conversely, some might fall deeper into illusory worlds in a bid to escape the stresses and strains of this drawn-out rebirth. For Neptune in Pisces exemplifies escapism, in all its forms – addiction and avoidance, from daydreams to elaborate virtual worlds, daily pleasures to intoxication. Virtual reality could become a greater problem for some, as computer games evolve and immerse us in more realistic virtual worlds. The primitive brain and individual ego will also be fighting for survival during this time, but fundamentally we are spiritual beings having a physical experience and Neptune’s spiritual evolution is the inevitable way forward. 

Neptune will remain in Pisces, drifting back and forth, until 2025, which is plenty of time to instigate a collective transformation, a transcending of what we’ve previously believed into a new way of thinking, feeling and behaving. For now, we are still in the early stages of this process. 

Exposing Weakness and Vulnerability – Chiron in Pisces 

Along with Neptune, the tiny dwarf planet Chiron also entered Pisces in 2011 and will remain there until 2019. Chiron symbolises our vulnerabilities and weaknesses, with which we must learn to live if we cannot heal. Together, this pair is powerful and significant in Pisces. We’re essentially all being sensitised - the higher chakra’s of humanity are being opened to allow greater insight and wisdom. Yet this cannot be processed by one or a few individuals, which is why we’re experiencing shifts on a collective scale. Together, we’re opening to a greater awareness of Spirit, of divinity and what lies beyond our physical world. But this, needless to say, is proving difficult to process because so much needs accepted and released and, if possible, healed. 

Chiron, as vulnerability, is what we many of us are feeling now too. What we thought we could once hide we can no longer hide. We see it exposed in others and it frightens us. Fears of intimacy, of truly being seen, are also increasing. Yet through all of these uncomfortable experiences, Neptune is there pointing to empathy. We begin to see others who feel just the same, who have been hiding or experiencing the pain or fear we thought was our own. And we can relate. 

This is the ultimate goal of Neptune and Chiron’s joint sojourn through Pisces. For when they enter Aries, the first Sign, a rebirth occurs and a whole new cycle, a new time, will begin. Yet this time around things will be slightly different. 

2012 – and beyond! 

In 2012 many people were expecting fireworks. A colossal shift and awakening was anticipated yet it all went off with a bit of a disheartening whimper. But 2012 was only part of the puzzle, it was the birth into the new paradigm. But birth is seldom an easy process; it can be complicated and takes time. We’re now entering the period of cutting the cords 

Responsibility is Key – Uranus square Pluto 

A great birthing did occur in 2012 – the birth of the new paradigm, a new time on planet Earth. This essentially means that the old ways are now crumbling, making way for change. However this is also a process, not an instant renewal or some shiny new world overnight Birth can be difficult and growth takes time. The ongoing Uranus-Pluto squares (see previous post) are indicative of this birthing process. We’re now moving into the period of cutting the cord, which can be painful and frightening, for we feel as if we’re being cut from that which birthed us. However this is part of our spiritual maturation and necessary for us to grow up. Now is the time for everyone to start acting and taking responsibility – be responsible for your own thoughts, feelings and actions. What are you putting out there? It’s no longer a time for blaming others for all that’s wrong with the world, with society. It’s time to embrace your individual contribution, to make the changes you want to see and be a catalyst for the changes you desire. 

Conflict and Harmony – Mars through Libra 

Another key planet at this time is Mars, planet of action, behaviour and passion and his journey through Libra, the Sign of relationship and harmony. Mars is currently triggering the Uranus-Pluto square (also opposite Uranus in Aries and squaring Pluto in Capricorn). Uranus in Aries is all me-me-me but Mars opposite in Libra is learning that it’s not just about the self, about our own wants and desires, but the needs of others. This is really contributing to stress and conflict but is also necessary. 

Mars in Libra is bringing our attention to relationship, partnerships, harmony and mediation. Right now we’re using each other to bring up our own shadows, fears and blockages. When we meet someone who challenges us, they’re actually helping (on a soul or karmic level) by triggering our own internal conflicts and thus our hidden potential. Realising this can help us not to react with aggression or fear, when someone disagrees or challenges, but to allow ourselves to be affected, to be changed and altered because we no longer fear it. We learn to let go, with greater ease, of the beliefs and ideals to which we cling. Mars is also highlighting behavioural patterns, particularly those we’ve inherited from parents, grandparents or society that need to be resolved now so that we can move forward collectively. 

We’re all seeking fairness and compensation but the road is still rocky, as we come to an understanding of past conflicts and what was really occurring and why. Mars in Libra’s ultimate goal is to encourage all of us to wake up, stand up and be our own authority – an example for what we believe is right and just. 

The Crumbling Authorities – Jupiter in Cancer opposition Pluto in Capricorn

Jupiter is currently in the Sign of Cancer, an active Water Sign, which is Feminine (receptive) in nature, representing the intuitive self. Cancer does not want to conform, it wants to feel. It is the Mother and embodies nurture. Jupiter, the largest planet in the Solar System, wants to expand. 

Jupiter’s current transit through Cancer brings it opposite Pluto in Capricorn. This powerful aspect has slowly but surely been undermining the corrupt who are in power and Jupiter is now embellishing this process. It is asking us to confront (opposition) authority, particularly that which has been oppressing and controlling us. Now more than ever we must stand in our truth and acknowledge our feelings and needs. This is a time to release the shame and guilt that has been used for so many centuries to control and diminish us, to make us feel powerless. We no longer need mediators for we are waking up to our own power, how we run our own lives. We no longer want to be run by others in power. 

The external authorities that are now crumbling around us will also need to transform – and they are fully aware of what is happening. But, like anything that is dying, they will fight to survive, to maintain the establishment and old patriarchy; the governments and banking systems and religions of old. They will be clutching at straws and pulling all the strings in a bid to retain and uphold. As the grip is loosened and panic sets in deeper, everything becomes tighter. We can see this in our economy especially but it is also happening on an individual level and many of us will experience feelings of restriction, as if we’re being boxed in. And that will only encourage us to fight harder to break free. 

In July 2014, Jupiter will enter Leo and add greater Fire to the collective shift! This will bring more dramatic action and spontaneity to the whole process - the birth is truly over and now it’s time to play.

Stimulating the nervous system – Mars opposition Uranus 

Adding more to the mix is Mars’ opposition to erratic Uranus in independent Aries (the Sign that Mars rules!) This aspect represents the opening of new consciousness, along with Neptune - our third eye chakra’s are opening wide now. This is really stimulating the body and the excess energy can take its toll on many; we might feel more tense, anxious, nervous and jittery. Consciousness is changing and expanding faster, contributing to the collective change. We each much take responsibility for monitoring our own thoughts and most importantly the choices we are making now. 

With all of this chaos and rapid change, over-stimulating our systems, it is important to remember to breathe! Seeking time-out is essential now, a place of peace where we can ground and calm ourselves often. Ideally, spending time in nature, making a point of breathing deeply and slowly or meditating and practising mindfulness can all help now. Even simply focusing on something solid and present, such as a tree or animals, can be effective. 

Kundalini Rising – Saturn in Scorpio sextile Pluto 

Saturn is moving through the deep and profound emotional Sign of Scorpio. At present it is forming a supportive aspect to Pluto. Saturn is maturity and time itself, it is growing up and learning and karma. 

This can be an uncomfortable time because we are no longer getting our own way. The kundalini, represented by Pluto, wants to destroy all that is old, the outdated junk that no longer serves us. And Saturn is supporting this idea. We might feel like we’re loosing something or being exposed again, but we’re simply making room for the new. Personal and subjective desires will have to be given up, to be sacrificed. It might be difficult at times but it is ultimately for the greater good because we are part of a bigger plan – now is about more than our individual wants and needs. Ultimately, this process is about something greater – it is about community, the tribe, the human race as a whole. 

Masculine vs Feminine – the Integration 

For such a long time in human history, we have been identifying with the physical body as a man or a woman. The Masculine is active – it wants to be grounded, to act, control, organise and be logical and structured. The Feminine wants to be intuitive, to be open, feeling, subtle and flowing. 

The Matriarchy dominated in ancient times, with the prominence of mother goddess worship and cultures. Then the Patriarchy came along with the arrival of more dogmatic faiths and began dominating society with its structure and control. Now, however, we must begin to merge both. It is no longer about one or the other, about which is better, right or wrong. Integrating the qualities of both Masculine and Feminine is the only way forward. Before this can occur, we must go through a process of the Feminine coming down into the lower chakra’s and the Masculine moving up into the higher chakra’s. The Feminine is therefore becoming more energised and sexualised while the Masculine is experiencing a more nurturing and intuitive energy. Both are alien to the other and will take some time to understand and integrate. Yet this is the beginning of the merging of the two.

The new paradigm, the new Age, will begin to transcend the ego and third dimension reality, the conflicts and divisions that have kept us warring. Although diversity is essential for the variety of life on our planet and indeed for evolution, the shift in consciousness will continue to expand rapidly in the coming decade and allow us all to comprehend the underlying unity of life on Earth. This doesn’t just apply to our species but to all sentient creatures and the planet itself. Only then can we truly enter a new Age.