Saturday, 6 December 2014

The Penultimate Trial - the sixth Uranus-Pluto Square

The last couple of years have been quite intense and challenging for many. The current set of Uranus-Pluto Squares really took off in 2012, when many thought a doomsday prophecy might actually come to pass. Instead we had a bit of a flop, an almost undetectable shift that nonetheless started the ball rolling for this current phase of change, transition, revolution - whatever you wish to call it. The last time we had a taster of such colossal change in society, in the swinging Sixties, a less extreme but still useful series of Conjunctions took place between Uranus and Pluto, which coincided with a social revolution. Prior to that a series of Squares occurred between 1928-1934 - the years preceding World War 2. Indeed Uranus and Pluto together are often thought to symbolise destruction and conflict, social justice and reform, breaking down old conventions and rules and replacing them with fresh alternatives that better serve the people. Not something that can happen overnight!

So what can we expect this month, when the penultimate Square of the current series takes place, on December 15th? We've already been building up to this next encounter - perhaps you've felt the tensions rising, as before? For Uranus and Pluto will be triggering changes in each one of us (as they contact our natal planetary positions in our birth charts); it is these necessary changes that we must experience to propel us forward on our own journey however difficult. And that's how a revolution begins, as we eventually reach out and seek those enduring similar challenges, uniting to become stronger and ultimately overcoming our struggles together.  

For a while now, many of us have probably been experiencing odd thoughts and unusual feelings (Uranus likes to be different!), particularly relating to things that used to excite and enthrall us. This can be very unsettling, as we continually return to favourite places, pastimes, memories and even people only to find that they're gradually loosing their appeal, their ability to engage and stimulate us. And we begin to feel confused and maybe frightened, wondering why we can't experience the joys of before. Because Uranus wants something new - something different, original and fresh. Not remakes and repeats (there are many examples of this in society at present), not attempts to recreate former good times. And finding these new things will take time. Pluto has been helping Uranus along, like a bulldozer, breaking down the old to make way for the new. Thus if we try to hold on, if we insist on recreating then Pluto will eventually step in and ensure we cannot or that it will fail to deliver. And that is why the whole process can feel so uncomfortable because with the removal of the old, we loose a sense of familiarity and comfort - seemingly with nothing in its place. But this is only how it appears, now, during the process of change. For once all the debris is cleared (once we allow by letting go) then Uranus steps in with a sack full of brand new creations to amuse and engage us. All it takes is a bit of trust and faith that something else will come along once we move on.

Some have equated this series of seven Squares with the traditional seven chakras (or energy centres) of the human body. And that each Square, between Uranus and Pluto, indicates the transformation and re-energising of a chakra, both for the individual and for the Earth and humanity as a whole. In this sense, we are currently experiencing the transformation of the sixth chakra, called the Third Eye. This is the psychic centre, working on our sixth sense, developing our intuition and helping us to awaken to deeper insight and a greater understanding of our connection to one another, the Earth and other sentient creatures. It might become increasingly difficult to keep our secrets, as the Third Eye opens (for each of us and humanity), so that we can no longer conceal as much information. For everything must eventually come to light, from darkness. Again there are many examples of this in current world news, with copious scandals and revelations. Humans aren't the only ones evolving - it applies to the whole planet, so we might begin to see other creatures exhibiting strange behaviour or displaying greater awareness. For humans, though, with the stimulation of Third Eye chakra, we might experience an increase in serendipity, synchronicity and psychic hunches. Our gut instincts are becoming stronger and more refined. More vivid and relevant dreams are common too, as the Third Eye connects our conscious and subconscious minds so that we gain greater insight into our waking lives from the messages in our dreams. This also extends to meditation, particularly guided meditations, shamanic journeying and regression therapy, all of which can be more successful and illuminating now. This stage of the Uranus-Pluto Squares, in relation to the chakras, will also help us connect with like-minded souls and those on our current wavelength, so that we might share and help manifest our ideas and plans together.

We still have the final Square to come, in Spring 2015. And it will perhaps be the end of next summer before we begin to experience the consequences of real change, after the dust of Pluto's debris settles. In the remaining years of this decade, we will begin to see and understand what has been occurring since 2012. It is then that our new ideas will begin to manifest, to take hold in a physical sense. By the 2020's we should see clear results, in real world terms, of our ideas and actions now. Until then we have little choice but to go with the flow. So remember to keep letting go (instead of trying to recreate or clinging to the old). Gradually drop resistance to change and continually and gently remind yourself to have faith and trust that something new and better will soon dawn. But to experience that dawn, we must first allow the sun to set on what has had its time.

Below is a list of the seven Squares in this series and their corresponding chakras. Reflect back to past Squares and see if you experienced the relevant changes in your own life or community...

First Square: 24th June 2012 (and two-three months either side) 
Uranus 8° Aries/Pluto retrograde 8° Capricorn 
Corresponds to the Base Chakra: transformation of our roots, heritage (family and ancestral relationships), our sense of security, finances, material possessions, connection to the earth, home and the ability to support ourselves

Second Square: 19th September 2012 (and two-three months either side)
Uranus retrograde 6° Aries/Pluto 6° Capricorn
Corresponds to the Sacral Chakra: transformation of our centre of creativity, sexuality and related issues, unconscious and conscious desires, self-esteem, temptation, reproduction, our ability to nurture self and others

Third Square: 20th May 2013 (and two-three months either side)
Uranus 11° Aries/Pluto retrograde 11° Capricorn 
Corresponds to the Solar Plexus Chakra: transformation of our centre of confidence, sense of achievement, search for recognition, will power, source of self-assurance and happiness, our ability to share

Fourth Square: 1st November 2013 (and two-three months either side)
Uranus retrograde 9° Aries/Pluto 9° Capricorn 
Corresponds to the Heart Chakra: transformation of our ability to love, self-love, unconditional love for others, our connection to sentient beings and our humanity, empathy and compassion, ability to relate 

Fifth Square: 21st April 2014 (and two-three months either side)
Uranus 13° Aries/Pluto retrograde 13° Capricorn
Corresponds to the Throat Chakra: transformation of our voice, our truth, seat of self-expression, discrimination, honesty vs deceit, our ability to be heard and accepted

Sixth Square: 15th December 2014 (and two-three months either side)
Uranus retrograde 12° Aries/Pluto 12° Capricorn
Corresponds to the Third Eye Chakra: transformation of our intuition, psychic development, our subconscious and dreams, mental agility, collective unconscious (shared mind), our ability to gain deeper insight and awareness  

Seventh and final Square: 16th March 2015  (and two-three months either side)
Uranus 15° Aries/Pluto 15° Capricorn
Corresponds to the Crown Chakra: transformation of our connection to Source/Divinity, pure and higher consciousness, detachment from and dispelling of illusions, awakening to greater universal truths, realisation that all is one, rebirth, the ability to manifest our wishes