Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The Cycle Completes - the Final Uranus-Pluto Square

Back in the Summer of 2012, a cosmic dance began between two planetary bodies. This symbolic relationship, from our earthly perspective, indicated a period of great upheaval and ultimately transformation. Uranus and Pluto, gods of dramatic and encompassing change, entered a series of seven encounters that are known to signify powerful and tense events on Earth, such as revolutions and conflicts, uprisings and social reform.

We are now approaching the final encounter, of this current cycle, the final confrontation. Just as before, tensions have been rising and this is evident not only in world news but also in our individual lives. Some might be experiencing familiar and uncomfortable feelings of anxiety and agitation, a sensation of being constricted or oppressed, which might not have any obvious source and the resurfacing of old issues and conditions. This can all be quite confusing and unsettling, particularly if we can't see how to resolve our turmoil and relieve the pressure. Indeed there can almost be a claustrophobic feeling to this transition, a 'been here before' lament and a strong desire to move forward, for something new. This is Uranus' yearning and the Square to Pluto symbolises the tension while Pluto itself represents the destructive force necessary to help us break free and finally progress. That was always the ultimate purpose of this period, this cosmic battle lighting the way - our need to induce change and transformation in our own lives and the world over.

Pluto's destructive force can be felt and even embraced literally, observable in a marked rise in tension, conflict and violence. Adding Uranus' desire for radicalism, for what is new and breaking free from old conventions can unfortunately manifest in reckless actions and behaviour. We see clear examples of this in recent news stories, such as ancient artefacts and cities being destroyed with fervour. Even those fighting for equality can sometimes go to the extreme; some will push their agenda no matter what the consequences. Conversely, for those who fear the change and innovation that Uranus represents, there is a great drive to resist. We see this in religious hate crimes; people feeling a strong need to defend archaic doctrines by attacking those who no longer conform. We see terrorists attempting to re-ignite division and conflict in communities through fear and others defending what is old by attacking any sign of progress or change. Whatever form it takes, the tension can be too much for some to bear and so their frustration is acted out, either targeting what is old and what symbolises the old world or attacking that which tries to break the mold. Although the purpose of this transition is for change, destruction and violence is never the way forward. 

It is also possible for the Square to coincide with a rise in natural disasters, for we are dealing with a sky god (Uranus) and one of the underworld (Pluto). An increase in severe weather and storms, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and tsunamis are all likely during this tense period, just another way that the energy can manifest in our physical world. In continuing the theme of Uranus-Pluto, such disasters bring obvious destruction but result in a coming together of communities affected, to rebuild and create something new, perhaps something stronger and better. Likewise, on a more mundane level, some of us experience inner turmoil that manifests as an increase in accidents or illness. It's not uncommon to have frequent headaches, muscular strains or injuries at this time; many of us are holding onto the tension because we don't know what to do with it. Ideally this is a time to focus a little more of restoring your sense of wellbeing, to allow extra time for relaxation. Seek ways to relieve stress and promote inner peace, whether that's taking up a class in yoga or meditation, going on a retreat or spa weekend or a few days off from work or your routine to pamper and unwind. This will benefit others in your life too and similarly we can remind ourselves to be easy on those who are finding this period difficult.

It is clear why this can be such a tumultuous time, but also one that holds promise. Equality and justice are the rewards for those who fight and struggle against the odds and hopefully we reach a point of resolution and consequently a better way of living. This is the goal of all Uranus-Pluto Squares, to reach the final encounter, the 7th chakra of the world soul and realise that a thorough and lasting transformation has occurred, on a fundamental level. As individuals, the ideal outcome is to emerge from the upheaval with a sense of accomplishment, to know that something innate has changed for the better - even if we're not aware of what that is right away. If we have managed to embrace courage and let go of the past, of outdated relationships, old habits, redundant beliefs and the things that no longer serve us well, we can truly feel relieved. We might even feel a renewed connection to Divinity or have a fresh perspective on life. Subsequently, all that is new and beneficial can then begin to enter our lives, in the form of new relationships and opportunities, new ideas, work or hobbies. If we have somehow managed to hold onto our old ways (perhaps from a fear of letting go or a sense of loyalty or obligation), we might still feel a sense of relief that this period of tension is ending. But, as collective change sinks in and begins to show itself, in the coming months and years, we might soon realise that the world has left us behind and that we are stuck in a dull cycle of repeat - a cycle of our own making. However it is never too late to change. We don't need to wait for another Uranus-Pluto Square, for these are merely signs of our inherent potential. In truth, we can choose to strive for change at any time in our lives.

With the activation of the world's 7th chakra, what began in 2012 now completes. Many of us have the potential for a better awareness and understanding of what it means to be interconnected, an appreciation of the divine in all. It is only with our collective evolution that we can begin to let go of the idea of separation and realise a common thread in all sentient creatures. Granted not many share this deep insight and it will perhaps be a while before the human race, as a whole, reaches this understanding but the process of awakening has already begun and this current set of Uranus-Pluto Squares symbolises a further step in that direction. 

It will perhaps be the end of Summer 2016 before we begin to experience the consequences of real change, after the dust of Pluto's debris settles. We will begin to see and understand what has been occurring, since 2012, in the remaining years of this decade. It is then that our new ideas will truly begin to manifest, to take hold in a physical sense. By the 2020's we should see clear results, in real world terms, of our ideas and actions now. Remember to keep letting go (instead of trying to recreate or clinging to the old). Gradually drop resistance to change and continually and gently remind yourself to have faith and trust that something new and better will soon dawn. To experience that dawn, we must first allow the sun to set on what has had its time. The next significant Uranus-Pluto interaction will be the early 2040's.

Below is a list of the seven Squares in this series and their corresponding chakras. Reflect back to past Squares and see if you experienced any relevant changes in your own life or community...

First Square: 24th June 2012 (and two-three months either side) 
Uranus 8° Aries/Pluto retrograde 8° Capricorn 
Corresponds to the Base Chakra: transformation of our roots, heritage (family and ancestral relationships), our sense of security, finances, material possessions, connection to the earth, home and the ability to support ourselves.

Second Square: 19th September 2012 (and two-three months either side)
Uranus retrograde 6° Aries/Pluto 6° Capricorn
Corresponds to the Sacral Chakra: transformation of our centre of creativity, sexuality and related issues, unconscious and conscious desires, self-esteem, temptation, reproduction, our ability to nurture self and others.

Third Square: 20th May 2013 (and two-three months either side)
Uranus 11° Aries/Pluto retrograde 11° Capricorn 
Corresponds to the Solar Plexus Chakra: transformation of our centre of confidence, sense of achievement, search for recognition, will power, source of self-assurance and happiness, our ability to share.

Fourth Square: 1st November 2013 (and two-three months either side)
Uranus retrograde 9° Aries/Pluto 9° Capricorn 
Corresponds to the Heart Chakra: transformation of our ability to love, self-love, unconditional love for others, our connection to sentient beings and our humanity, empathy and compassion, ability to relate. 

Fifth Square: 21st April 2014 (and two-three months either side)
Uranus 13° Aries/Pluto retrograde 13° Capricorn
Corresponds to the Throat Chakra: transformation of our voice, our truth, seat of self-expression, discrimination, honesty vs deceit, our ability to be heard and accepted.

Sixth Square: 15th December 2014 (and two-three months either side)
Uranus retrograde 12° Aries/Pluto 12° Capricorn
Corresponds to the Third Eye Chakra: transformation of our intuition, psychic development, our subconscious and dreams, mental agility, collective unconscious (shared mind), our ability to gain deeper insight and awareness.

Seventh and final Square: 16th March 2015  (and two-three months either side)
Uranus 15° Aries/Pluto 15° Capricorn
Corresponds to the Crown Chakra: transformation of our connection to Source/Divinity, pure and higher consciousness, detachment from and dispelling of illusions, awakening to greater universal truths, realisation that all is one, rebirth, the ability to manifest our goals with greater ease.